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Obscurity and I have always gotten along just fine. I was never attracted to blogs because I thought all bloggers were insecure, attention seeking so and so's. Some are. Who would want to get involved with a crowd that has such a compulsive need to be noticed? Of course, I needn't have worried: since I started writing here, I have managed to remain virtually unknown. But today I am having a most likely brief brush with non-obscurity.

I wrote earlier today about how I enjoy getting linked by new blogs. Well, yesterday I got linked by the online magazine Slate; the writer actually quoted me in a "blog chatter" kind of article. Who knew?

Apparently a lot of people. I have had more people visiting this blog in the last twenty four hours than I've had in the last three weeks combined. I'm not used to double digit numbers in my sitemeter stats, let alone double digit numbers higher than my age.

So, if you linked here via Slate (and you actually make it to the index page to see this post), welcome, welcome, welcome. Come back anytime. I'm sure I'll have something you can waste your time reading.

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