look out diddy, there's a new brutha up in this piece

Last night I had the unexpected and always cherished opportunity to chill with a few of my peeps. Sam and I met our friends Morg... I mean Steve, and Careshley (that's two people) at Crocker Park.

An aside about Crocker Park: It's one of those new outdoor shopping communities you see springing up in certain places in the east. But you can also live there among all the upscale chain clothing stores and not inexpensive bistro style restaurants. I may have to write more at a later time about the "new urbanism" trend in architecture and civic planning. It's promising but only if it's done right. I'm not sure about Crocker Park. But Sam, Steve, Careshley, and I had a good time nonetheless. Woot.

So, as I was saying...

We decided to meet at a place called Champps, a restaurant and sports bar. When the bill came, Carrie noticed that extra "p" in the name emblazoned on the front of the vinyl check folder. "What's with the spelling?" she asked. And then she said something that has provided me with much needed inspiration for my next career.

In this world of ever changing stage pseudonyms, where the letter p gets unceremoniously and capriciously dropped, I will stand out among the hip hop crowd with my new name, not to mention my righteous rhymes. I will be the cure for alphabetic elision! No more rock or contemporary worship music for me. In keeping with the long and storied tradition of hip-hop, my friends and numerous fans shall now refer to me as... Superfluous P.

Thank you, that is all.

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Thanks Carrie, Steve, Ashley, and Sam for a great visit! See you soon, I hope.

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