on with the nothingness

Okay, now that the blogathon is over, the rest of the b'shpere can get on with their oh so useful lives. That includes me.

It does seem, however, that the blogathon aftershocks will rumble even over here at serotoninrain. That's because during the 'thon, Eric had to go and put up a meme. I'm sure he knew I wouldn't be able to pass it up. I'm sure he also knew that he would be forcing me to sit on my hands due to my self imposed moratorium on posting (for which you are grateful I am sure); after all, he does claim (despite the fact we've never met) to have insight into my (SUPPOSED!) tendency toward the deadly sin of envy.

By the way, if you refrained for some reason, from exploring either Eric's blog or Julie's during the blogathon, well, I'm sorry you missed it. But really you didn't since all of their posts are still up! So what are you waiting for. Go peruse them; you really shouldn't miss Julie's presentation of "Of Rats And Men." It is a phenomenon in itself.

When (if) you come back I'll have the meme and my responses to it.

Ouch! Are tattoos supposed to hurt this much?

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