i think that all those... wait, what was i going to say?

"Kimberly McClain started worrying that her memory was beginning to slip..."

"It was little things. I couldn't remember what I had for dinner the night before. I had to check to make sure I'd paid the insurance that month. I'd walk into a room and realize I had no idea why I was there,"

The article quoted discusses research into the effect of differing forms of long term mental activity in delaying or preventing senility.

Several large projects have found that people who are more educated, have more intellectually challenging jobs and engage in more mentally stimulating activities, such as attending lectures and plays, reading, playing chess and other hobbies, are much less likely to develop Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. ...people may benefit most from engaging in a rich diversity of stimulating activities. New experiences may be far more important than repeating the same task over and over..
People are always wanting to lecture me about stuff. Does that count? The article is fascinating, really. And the more ways we can find to inhibit or prevent dementia, the better.

But I'm not sure Ms. McClain's symptoms had anything to do with dementia. I've been forgetting why I entered the room I'm in since I was a teenager. It may be that the amount of thinking one does can serve to so fill the mind with information (useful and otherwsie) that remembering the more mundane things is, well... mundane. As for me remembering what I had for dinner last night? Fuhgeddaboudit!

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