Since moving to PA, I have been unable to participate in one of my favorite slightly-more-than-a-hobby type things: music production.

But I've been sent for. See, a couple of years ago I sort of accidentally wound up being the producer for a CD by the name of Real Love by Tony Congi. For those of you who have any exposure to youth ministry, Tony Congi wrote this song. And this one.

Tony's heading back to former hometown Bay Village, OH to record another CD. And so I'm also off to BV to help out. Exciting, ain't it? I knew you'd be thrilled. This time Tony's actually got a real producer, a good one. So I'll just be helping out in my usual capacity as chief gofer. Though I might get to contribute a guitar chord or two to the project. S'all good.

So who's in the Bay Village metroplex right now? Would love to see you if you are. I'll be there from Friday through Tuesday early morning. Friday evening I'm hoping to catch a little of these guys playing at this place.

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