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It's nice when people link to me.

Because I'm the kind of person who likes to be liked, or at least to have their existence acknowledged.

But also (and perhaps more importantly depending on the day), an incoming link to a blog I've never read gives me the chance to discover it. This happened the other day with Strangely Warmed, which I mentioned in the linkapalooza post.

And it also happened later that same day with searchblog. That blogger linked to the 3 Type humor test post. The "perceptive, rhapsodic, and brainy writer" (a claim which I account as true based on the posts I read) over there, who signs posts "W," can drink through her nose, and has a deep connection with the works of Walker Percy--what, you couldn't tell just from the blog's title?-- also put up a 3 dimensional picture of her test results, which I thought was very cool. It looked sort of like an annotated Rubik's cube.

The reason I'm posting this here is that, for reasons all her own, W doesn't do comments. So, thank you for the link. And for the good writing. My apologies for dissing Woody Allen.

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