going home

What I hadn't but should have counted on these past few days was having to explain my recent decision to all sorts of people that only know me as a minister. Most of them were excited for me, which was sort of a pleasant surprise.

One person in particular however, just didn't get it. "Wait, you have an MBA and you're going to work for [unnamed government agency]?" Then, walking away, he added, "I'll definitely pray for you. Sounds like you need it."

"We all need it, J--," I said. I don't think he heard me.

At any rate, the Christmas Coffeehouse went very well despite running a little long. I had the opportunity to re-connect with dear friends, including Sam Getz who once again opened his home to me.

Tomorrow it's the eastward return trip into the home stretch of my ministry career*.

*For now. I know better than to say "never."

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