new year's prayer

2005 was nothing to sing about, at least for me. On this final day I was called to the bedside of a precious woman from our congregation. She is dying of a vicious cancer. Her husband said simply "it's everywhere." It was like a final slap in the face from a dreadful year. So I offer my naive, idealistic prayer for the year 2006, which I hope will be better than this past one--it wouldn't take much to make it so.

Dear God,

You are wonderful and so is the world you created. You have sustained it through all these long years of turning and it continues to be beautiful despite what we have done to it. Upon it, so many of us, your people, have turned to violence and to hatred and forsaken the love to which you called us and call us still. We have become cold and hard, so much so that we routinely fail to notice you in the passing of days and seasons. As another of our man-made years begins, help us please to turn with the planet: turn away from war, turn away from violence, turn away from hatred. Help us turn toward each other in peace, in hope, and in love. It is not something we have been able to do on our own, nor can we ever. We need you. Amen.

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