plainsong: a book to sing about

I just finished reading this great book which I had sitting around here hoping to be sold via my amazon listings. It was called Plainsong, by Kent Haruf. I decided to read it myself after recalling Greg's post about another Haruf work some time ago. I'm removing this book from my for sale listings 'cause I want to keep it.

Thank you Greg.

This is the first book I've ever read that brought me to tears. And it happened twice. I simply don't cry when reading books or watching movies. Even Field of Dreams didn't make my cry, though it was a near thing. So I was surprised during one long scene of this book, where Victoria and two old men are having a simple but extended conversation about leaving and returning, to find my face wet.

It's a simple and lovely story about various members of the population of Holt, CO: a schoolteacher named Guthrie, his two sons Ike and Bobby, a young girl named Victoria, another teacher named Maggie, and two bachelor farmers, the brothers McPherson. Haruf's writing is beautiful, elegant and never contrived. He's wickedly funny at all the right moments, but look out because when you start laughing he's got you in his spell and you're done. In a few minutes you will be weeping.

Even Gilead didn't bring me to tears and I loved that book. This book gets a 10 of 10 and now, of course, I have to read Haruf's other works: The Tie That Binds, Where You Once Belonged, and Eventide.

Next up is Sheri Reynolds' Bitterroot Landing.

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