how do you spell christmas? p e a n u t s

Here's a surprisingly good article about the genesis of A Charlie Brown Christmas TV special.

I agree with the mom quoted in the story,

Erin Kane, 36, is eager for her 3-year-old son Tommy to watch the program for the first time tonight in their Boston home. "The Christmas season doesn't start," Kane says, "until Charlie Brown is on."

I missed it when it aired last night, that's alright though. I just about know the thing by heart after watching it for so many years.

When, over a decade ago, a youth ministry job application asked me what cartoon character I most idenitified with, I chose Linus because in the midst of the chaos he and his blanket come to the center of the stage and recite St. Luke's Christmas story, from memory. That's one cool TV moment, let me tell you.

Says Christopher Shea, the voice actor who at seven years old spoke the part of Linus,

"People kept coming up to me and saying, 'Every time I watch that, I cry,' " he says. "But as I got older, I understood the words more, and I understood the power of what was going on. Now I cry, too."

Me too, Chris. Me too.

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