That's the sound I was making until just a few moments ago. I don't know why but for the last few days I was getting an error message every time I republished the index to the this blog. Today, after republishing the whole thing I got large red type that said "THERE WERE ERRORS" but in true Microsoft inspired fashion, the "details" were so obscure as to be opaque to my non-developer eyes.

So what did I do? I freaked out. Then I thought, maybe it's my template! So I spent maybe an hour and a half trying out a new template design from blogger and transferring a bunch of customizations to it, and fiddling with them. Then I tried to publish and got the same "THERE WERE ERRORS" message. So I went over to my other blog (if you're overly curious, there's a link in the sidebar, you'll know which one it is, no doubt). I hadn't been getting any error messages on that one previously. So I tried to post. No dice!

By now I was thinking maybe it was blogger being nasty. So I went to our desktop unit and tried publishing a test post from there... no problem. That's when the aaarrghhh! became an AAARRGHHH!

In a panic/fugue state, I erased all my greasemonkey scripts cleared every bit of history and form information and cookies and cache from Firefox, closed it, restarted it. And now it seems to work.

Whew. That was not good for the heart. Nor did it do anything for the number of grey hairs on my head.
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