the end of suffering

You may remember this post from a few days ago, which made reference to Jimmy Patterson at Sticky Doorknobs. If you followed the links I posted, you would have read Jimmy's moving account of what he knew to be his mother's final days.

Yesterday, Jimmy's beloved Mama passed away. Today he has posted a lovely remembrance, including the details his father made him promise to include:

Betty made the best chocolate pie in the world and crocheted the most beautiful afghans ever made. She loved Christmastime, when every year 35-40 family and extended family members would crowd into “Nana and Pawpaw’s House” for dinner, a reading of the Christmas story and a gift exchange.

It's difficult and sad to lose a parent and Jimmy has handled it with grace and dignity. But as others are pointing out, a death is not an ending, and may in fact be considered a form of healing. I hope you will continue to remember Jimmy and his family as God walks with them through their time of mourning.

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