Today, a first. I drove into one of the many cul-de-sacs on the route (I did the whole route today, which makes two firsts, I guess). Some kids were playing ball in the street and they (sort of) made way for me. As I passed them very slowly, the kid with the ball in his hand looked at me and said what all of them were thinking, "Mailman."

It took me a moment to realize that he had spoken truthfully. I am a mailman.

Got through this day with no blown tires and no incidents. Delivered a couple of certified letters, a handful of parcels, and daily mail for about 500 residences and businesses.

This is what a regular carrier does every single day. Every day. (Actually, not quite. The route I'm on is the biggest of all the rural routes out of this office by a few stops).

Speaking of the regular carrier, he called me once but was comfortable enough that he didn't check in on me other than that phone call. The RD supervisor did call him however, at 10 minutes to 5pm because the truck was at the dock waiting to load the outgoing mail. She (the supervisor) chided him for leaving me alone on the route like that, and wondered if he knew where I was.

And where was I? I was out on the loading dock putting my outgoing mail into the sorting bins, right on time. When the suprevisor walked out she said, "Oh! You are here!"

That felt pretty good.

Tomorrow, I'll try to write some kind of post that's not... well, postal. There is other stuff going on in the world. Right?

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