it couldn't be because the music stinks

A study cited by the BBC says that the popularity of downloading is leading to a decreased involvement in and appreciation of music.

So in general, we appreciate music less now than we used to.

This could not possibly be due to the fact that 95% of what is heard on the radio SUCKS. No, that couldn't be it.

I don't download music but I'll tell you what: when I turn on my car radio I don't hear much that I appreciate. Now, I don't know if most people who download music are going for stuff by people who practice music as a craft. But I'll bet that's not the case.

I'll bet the bulk of downloaded music is the same dreck you hear on most commercial radio stations.

So while the study's data may be interesting, I'm not sure about its conclusion. Oh, I agree that there's a definite lack of appreciation for good music out there, I seriously doubt it has anything to do with the popularity of downloading.
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