stand (well, actually sit in my car) and deliver

You've been aching for me to say what my new job is, haven't you? Come on, admit it.

Well, here's the part where I tell you.

I'm now a Rural Carrier Associate... which is a fancy way of saying substitute mailman. When the regular rural carrier is on vacation, sick, or has the day off (1 day a week in addition to every Sunday), or when other subs are unavailable for their routes, I'm the guy.

If you've ever fantasized about being a letter carrier (and believe it or not, at least three close friends have confessed such fantasies to me when I told them what I was doing), you might want to stick with the fantasy. My illusions are rapidly being dispelled. Today was only the second day that I handled live mail. This after more than two solid weeks of full time training. In fact, technically I am still in training. Today I delivered about two thirds of my assigned rural route. The whole thing is 31 miles long and has over 500 stops. It apparently has a reputation as a monster. The work isn't especially hard but it's no picnic either, and these past two days have been very light. I shudder to think what's in store on the first heavy day, which will probably be either tomorrow or Friday.

If you pray, keep praying for me. I've enjoyed both the last two days quite a bit, but it is work. And one other thing: be nice to your letter carrier, you have absolutely no idea--none at all--what they do for you every day.

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