i don't often say this about movies

My daughters are in the living room right now watching Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I'm sitting in our office which is entirely too close to the living room.

My goodness, this film is unwatchably bad! My sincere apologies to those who seem to have enjoyed it. I mean no offense whatsoever.

But, gaaaaahhh! The acting: bad (except for Alan Rickman's voice work). The script: bad. The production: ham-fisted, second rate, TV serial quality. And that music! What in the world were they thinking? I feel like someone's going at my ears with a cheese grater.

When the movie came out, a few bloggers made reference to Sam Rockwell's performance as a sort of sendup of George W. Bush. Rockwell himself, in the DVD's special features, says he based his character partially on Bill Clinton but doesn't mention GWB. But I dunno, Rockwell's Beeblebrox seems more like a sendup of Owen Wilson. In fact, the producers should simply have paid megabucks to Wilson to play the part. That would have ensured one decent performance anyway.

Eric, in that post I linked to above, mentioned the similarity of this movie to Time Bandits. I believe he is absolutely correct in that comparison. Time Bandits, which I sooooo wanted to like, was every bit as unwatchable as this movie.

And finally, Mos Def should not act.

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