this is not interesting. see, i told you.

First off, let me apologize in advance to those who came here looking for something interesting (that was your first mistake, I'm sorry to say).

What's a blogger to do? I have not felt like posting anything for the past two days. What I've wanted to do is read Stephenson but it's been a struggle to find time to do that. And when I sequestered myself at Starbucks today for that purpose, I ran into a friend and we got into a conversation about the penultimate interest of my life, so I didn't do any reading.

So now I'm looking at the date for my last post, 1/2/2006 and wishing I had something to say, but all I have is...

"Five days to career change. The whole world changes for me on Monday."

Okay, Neal Stephenson awaits.

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