mojo turbo gets around

Someone named Mojo Turbo from theway[dot]blog[dot]com left a comment on my previous post. It said simply "nice site," below that there was his url.

I clicked over there and it seems like a relatively interesting place. Mojo is apparently a minister, he also composes verse and posts it at theway.

That's all good.

What's not so good is that this person seems to have clicked down my blogroll and left similarly brief comments along with his URL at lots of places. Zalm, Meg, Nicole, Educat, the McCartys, Slacktivist, Greg, and Ben, all of you have "nice site" comments or slight variations at your places now. Actually I'm not sure where it all started, perhaps I was in the middle of the onslaught, no matter.

Ummm... Mr. Mojo, bloggers often refer to such a practice as "spamming." The better way to get people to read your blog is simply to write good stuff, tag your posts, and leave thoughtful comments on blogs that you yourself read regularly. It doesn't hurt to include the blogs you think are "nice sites" on your blogroll either. I noticed that none of the sites you commented on from my blogroll are on yours. Maybe you're blogrolling them at this moment, I'll check... nope, not yet.

Thanks for the comment, really. I must confess however that it's hard to take your encouragement seriously when you leave the equivalent of "Have a nice summer, good luck in the future" at half the sites on my roll. I do hope you will read them now that you've left comments. That will be the proof that you are a man of your word.


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