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This post is a test of a new web 2.0 word processing thingy called "Writely ." This program allows you to write and collaborate on documents via the web, with no web page. The word processing is fairly robust though I'd like to see better formatting options. I notice that it automatically saves the document you're working on -- it seems like this happens every thirty seconds; very nice. Writely is beta, so count on regular development. And the "insert link" feature is much better than in MS Word. It seems like a good program so far; it's certainly a great idea.

I got the hookup from Netvibes which recently announced integration with Writely.

If you haven't tried Netvibes, it's worth a look. It's a build-your-own homepage a la Google Personal. There are some differences though and depending on your preferences you might like Netvibes better. The cool thing about Netvibes is they're hungry, and therefore very responsive. Last week I had a problem with my own feed's appearance on my netvibes page. I emailed them to ask if it was a generalized problem or just me. Less than 24 hours later I received this--

Hi Jim
I think i've fixed the bug regarding your feed

The bug was in fact, fixed. Google is cool, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a response from them.

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