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You may have noticed the recent comments in the sidebar. Probably because it moves the blogs on the blogroll further down the page thus delaying your escape.

Anyway, blogger doesn't do recent comments, I wish they would but... Other solutions out there are either too cumbersome for a bear (or blogger) of very little brain, or they don't work for an external comment system (such as Haloscan).

I'd been wondering how to work around this and yesterday while playing with Feedburner, I noticed that they have a way of generating HTML for a feed which you can place anywhere. It's called Buzzboost, which sounds like something you'd find at a head shop. TechCrunch speaks of it.

Since Haloscon provides RSS for my comments, I decided to see if I could use that somehow. The amazing thing: it worked! Or rather, the amazing thing is that I got it to work. It involved the extremely complicated and dangerous business of actually cutting and pasting the feedburner HTML into my template. You're pretty impressed with me now, aren't you? I thought so.

So now you can see the most recent comments and click right to them*. This is probably more exciting for me than it is for you, but there you go.

*There is a delay between the leaving of a comment and its appearance in the sidebar, so don't go sending me nasty emails if your brilliant verbage doesn't show up the minute you compose it.

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