rubber re-soul

So a bunch of today's artists have remade Rubber Soul. The new disc is called This Bird Has Flown (which, for the Beatlistically challenged, is a line from and subtitle of Norweigan Wood).

This NPR story includes a few snippets of the current stuff. Let me be kind and say it's rather spotty.

I did like hearing the little audio montage featuring a couple of the artists raving about the Beatles. I always love hearing due credit given.

"Maybe it's best to treat any remake as an entirely new thing; a way for younger listeners to find their way to the Beatles..."

Or maybe it's just a way for a few new artists to capitalize on those giant shoulders they're standing on. One or the other.

Good on Yonder Mountain String Band for staying close to the original, especially the incredible harmonies, of "Think For Yourself." Dar Williams' "You Won't See Me" isn't bad either.

Oh, and Zalm... Sufjan's on it.

Anyway, here's a link to the new disc, whatever it's called. And here's a link to Rubber Soul, one of the greatest albums of all time.*

*I didn't say it, that's a direct quote from Nellie McKay. She's a smart one, that Nellie.

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