nearly double booking myself

I've been busy the last couple of days, hence the lack of posts. We had a big wedding in our congregation this weekend. I gave the message at the ceremony and during the reception a woman from the Pottstown Symphony (yes, we have a symphony orchestra here--they're pretty good too) asked if I would give the message at their annual Christmas Concert. She said something about my being able to explain the gospel without making people feel like I was beating them on the head with a bible. Really, I prefer to use accounting textbooks for head bashing but I didn't tell her that.

I could feel my own head swelling to about twice it's usual size. Flush with a feeling of what I can only describe as wantedness, I nearly said "YES!" It must have been God that made me ask instead, "What's the date?"

She said, "December 18th. It's a Sunday night."

"Oooooooo...." I said. "I'll be out of town that day," (under breath: Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!).

"I'm honored to be asked, but I can't do it. I'm so sorry," I said and meant it.

"Well... next year!" she said, and skipped off to do the Electric Slide.

I can't speak in Pottstown on December 18th because that's the night of the annual Christmas Coffeehouse in Bay Village, OH which one mustn't dare miss. More on that when it gets closer. But if you would just decide to attend the event, I wouldn't have to write about it now, would I?

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