big booming voice from the sky

Did you know that many people do not check their mailboxes every day? I thought everybody was like me... I always want to know what kind of mail we got today, despite the fact that I personally get almost no mail at all.

Anyway, I now know the awful truth. Lots and lots of people let their mailboxes fill up until absolutely nothing, not one single postcard, will fit in the thing. If you're a mail carrier it eventually becomes necessary to pound, pound, pound that day's mail into that box... you may succeed and you may not. But you'll make an awful lot of noise.

So it was with interest that I read an article about mysterious booming noises heard and felt in various states.

Nobody knows what the noises are. But I am sure it's some poor rural mail carrier trying to pound mail into an overstuffed box.

Or, I suppose it could be a message from Vega. Did it sound like this?

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