my life in mail: setback

Note - Tuesday morning: I published the following last night but then made some changes. I was so tired that I hit "save as draft" after making my changes.

After a few weeks of good days when I did my primary route faster and faster, today I had a setback. I blew yet another tire and also had an overwhelming volume of mail. I feel like I've been beat up. There are numerous paper cuts on my hands and my legs are stiff and sore from lifting what had to be about a half ton of mail. I didn't lift it all at once, of course.

This time, since I wasn't in training, the regular carrier (Jim Regular) wasn't around to help me with the blown tire. I was on my own. So I went to change it: I had my jack, my spare (which is actually a regulation tire, not a donut), and my tire changing kit. But where oh where did my lug wrench go? I still don't know. No lug wrench meant no changing of the tire, so I called the place the post office uses and they sent a guy out who had a lug wrench and changed the tire in no time. Well, actually the whole ordeal cost me about 45 minutes. Since it was a heavy day to begin with, that 45 minutes made the difference between me making and missing the outbound truck at the end of the day. I missed it.

The only comforting (in a cold way) thing is that I actually was not the last one back to the post office.

Time for this day to be over.

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