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As I was on the route today it occurred to me that this is the first year since 1992 that I haven't been employed by a church at Easter.

The mail comes on Saturday before Easter and the Monday following Easter. This means somebody's got to deliver it. You can say that about dozens and dozens of other fields as well. You'll find people working at the convenience stores and gas stations. You'll see them driving buses and watching over nuclear power plants (like the one I deliver to every day on the route). Those who work this day do not have the freedom that I once enjoyed (and, sadly, took for granted), to spend this day between Good Friday and Easter in patient waiting, in contemplation and reflection, perhaps fasting.

So, if you are not working today, maybe you can find a minute away from tending the garden or washing your car, and in that moment or two, or more, maybe you will think about the God who says "Love" not with words but with his own flesh and blood.

Just a thought.

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