the most difficult job i've ever had

Another sub and I were talking on Saturday about various jobs he's had. He said he had a couple of jobs were his chief responsibility was supervising some process. All he had to do was check in on things every couple of hours. He said he left those jobs because he couldn't stand sitting around bored all day.

I told him I've never had a job like that. Every job I've ever held required actual work. Even youth ministry. I know people who think youth ministers don't do any work at all; this is utter nonsense.

But none of my past jobs even come close to the challenge of delivering the mail. I know that probably sounds like a joke to some of you, but rest assured it is not.

I had a pretty good day today (this means that I worked my butt off for 11 hours without so much as a break (except to use the men's room, twice) and made it home for dinner). A bad day can mean up to 14 hours of work without even getting everything done.

I'm supposed to have tomorrow off, which is good since I have plenty of other stuff to do.

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