skip this post. i'm venting.

UPDATE: It's 4:56 and I'm home and showered. The mail wasn't as heavy today as I feared. It was heavy, especially for a Saturday, but not as bad as it could have been. And Monday is looking bad... they told all the carriers to come in at least a half hour early. That's never good news.

I had a hard time working up the energy for the job today. And did it rain! Of course, the heaviest rain fell at the precise moment when I had to get out to walk a parcel to a house that was a quarter mile (no exaggeration) from the road.

So tonight I'm going to start preparing for my writing assignment. This preparation involves reading wedding magazines... more than that I cannot say.

< vent>
The post office called today. I have to work tomorrow. It's going to rain, two inches at least. The mail will be heavy... don't ask me how I know, I just do. My wife has to work too. The kids will be here by themselves (we do have someone checking on them, apparently). I'll be delivering the new route, the one I just learned, so I'll have to go in early becuase I don't know it that well yet. And I'll have to bust my hump getting the thing done in time to make the outbound truck. Not that I'll make any extra money for my hard work... we couldn't have that. At the post office they have a saying, "Are you getting a bad attitude? What took you so long?" I'm definitely getting a bad attitude.

I was supposed to work at the local coffee shop tomorrow as a barista, and had planned on getting some work done on my latest freelancing assignment. None of that will happen however. Instead I'll be lucky to be back in time for dinner.
< /vent>

Oh yeah, I forgot. Tomorrow is also the one year anniversary of this blog. woot. Not that I'll have the chance to post anything.

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