imaginary soundtrack

She took a sip of her drink and said, "hey,"
"This music really gets on my nerves!"
I said, "What music?"
She said, "The music in my head.
"Sometimes it makes me wish I were dead.
"It's like a requiem. It's like a rodeo.
"Can't you hear it?"
I said, "No."

Those lyrics by The Judybats (old school Judybats too) represent something that really exists: musical hallucinations. Whoodathunk?

As Alan at Damn Interesting reports,

Sufferers describe it as a constant flow of random songs, with one song often leading to the next in a never-ending shuffle-mode torment. In some cases, a single song is heard repeatedly. The sound is so vivid that when a person first starts experiencing the symptoms, they often ask others whether they can hear the music, too.

Like an earworm on steroids... and you just know that if you suffer from a musical hallucination today it will be this

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