don't talk and drive

The WSJ reports on efforts by states to curb cell phone related traffic accidents.

While no state has banned talking on a cellphone while driving, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Washington, D.C., have the most restrictive laws: Except in emergencies, motorists in those states can use cellphones only with hands-free devices, such as earpieces. Restrictions vary across other states. Some prohibit teenagers, bus drivers and drivers with learning permits from using cellphones...

I'm dismayed that no state has actually banned what is probably the most attention robbing, and therefore hazardous, driving habit around today. Since most of the working hours I get these days are spent on the road, I've become acutely aware of erratic driving. It is almost a certainty that if I see a car weaving from side to side or inexplicably varying its speed, the driver is yakking away. And but me no buts about hands free either-- just as many of these erratic drivers are wearing head sets as not.

The numbers in the article ought to speak for themselves, though I'm sure the cell phone addicts and industry lobbyists will try to spin them some other way, as indeed they have already been doing for quite some time.

Do you drive while talking on your cell phone?

If so, shame on you. For your own safety and the safety of your fellow travelers, stop. Just stop.

Need more encouragement? The Car Talk guys can provide you with plenty. For instance, you might want to follow this link to read accident stories (some of them seem exaggerated or patently untrue, and then there are some that are probably understated).

Drive now. Talk later.

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