pullin' a xerox

More on the Viswanathan plagiarism thingy.

The author who actually wrote the stuff Viswanathan stole (excuse me, borrowed) says she is not "not seeking restitution in any form."

I sincerely applaud McCafferty's graciousness. Really, I do. However, I think Miss Viswanathan needs to experience some consequences here. She got one hell of an advance for her (and I use the term "her" loosely) novel. Seems only fair that she should render unto McCafferty that which is McCafferty's.

Well, at least the book is being pulled. Although I'm sure it will enjoy a nice sales blip when it is rereleased and that McCafferty won't see a dime of that either.

I just hope Viswanathan doesn't take a liking to any of my books. Oh, wait... I haven't written any. Dang.

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