it is finished

My marathon work week (and a half) is now over. The regular carrier is back from vacation and scheduled to work tomorrow.

I keep wondering why I am so worn out, and feeling somewhat guilty for not wanting to get called in for a few days, maybe for the rest of the week.

Today was another heavy day, though Saturday was the easiest day I've ever had. Yet even then, when I was about halfway through the route, a woman saw me hefting a single tray of mail from the back of my car to the front, and also saw the remaining three trays in the back of the car. She cried out, "that's hard work!"

I answered, "This is the lightest day I've ever had. I'll be done in maybe an hour and a half." I was, too. By 2:45 I was finished for the day.

That was Saturday when I had seven trays of mail to deliver. Today I had fourteen.

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