before i left columbus

I wanted to chat with another blogger and longtime friend, Kate.

You know how sometimes the image you have of someone is sort of frozen in the past and it takes a totally new encounter to shatter and replace the old, inaccurate picture? Well that's what happened this morning. Kate was, some seven years ago, a student in the youth ministry I used to lead. She used to babysit my kids, and they loved her of course because Kate was a sweetheart. And even though I've seen her a few times since leaving Ohio, I had this image of her in my mind as the teenaged former babysitter.

So when this beautiful, professional yet stylish woman stepped out of a car and into the parking lot of Panera this morning, I believe I had to pick my jaw up off the pavement. Kate will correct me if I'm wrong about that but it sure felt that way. In my usual traveling outfit of shorts and a plain t-shirt, I felt (and, in fact, was) completely outclassed. She will perhaps forgive the fact that "Sunrise/Sunset" started to play on the iPod in my head. One thing hasn't changed: Kate's still a sweetheart.

We had a great time and caught up on too many things. Many blessings to you Kate, thanks for supplying a healthy dose of sunshine to this dreary, rainy day. And I hope those classes you're taking go... um, smoothly.

After saying goodbye to Kate, I left Columbus. Tomorrow I head home but in the meantime, I've got one more stop to make...

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