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So I haven't been called to work at all this week, until today. But I didn't get called by the post office.

Today I'm single-handedly staffing the best (only) coffeehouse in Pottstown. I'm a friend of the chef/owner and she was short handed today. And it's been busy too, I've been making lattes, macchiattos and chais by the score since 8:30.

It doesn't pay nearly as much as shoving mail into boxes, but I get to write the occaisonal blog post during lulls.

This is that post. Excited? Of course you are.

Cool happening of the day: A couple of guys came in as soon as I opened the doors and sat down on one of the new comfy couches Tanna (the owner) put in here while I was roaming the country. These guys didn't order anything, they just sat down and started talking, so, being the good salesman that I am, I said, "Can I get anything for you guys."

"Nothing for me thanks," said one.

"I'll have a coffee. Oh, and between now and 9:30, we're buying the coffee for whoever comes in."

"Seriously?" I asked.


And they did too. Props to the two angels from Mainline Financial Advisors, who apparently, Tanna tells me, do this on the last Thursday of every month. Wow!

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