reasons, as if i needed them

Whisky Prajer gave his own spin to a meme that I find interesting. So here's my spin of the wheel of possibility, wherever it may roll (with apologies to Fastball)...

Why I Blog: Reasons I Can Come Up With Today

1. DarkoV has perfectly stated my number one reason so I'm just going to steal it verbatim: Blogging's a porch where you can bring out your opinions, your verbal skills, your life experiences and, usually, have positive connections and comments from folks climbing those 3 short steps from the Internet street.

- I could probably write a longish magazine article to unpack this statement, but maybe D himself ought to.

2. I like it. Originally I was going to make this the number one reason, but I don't do anything just because I like to (I'm not saying that's good or bad, it's just what I do, or don't). I enjoy the experience of putting stuff up and inviting others to look at it.

3. There aren't enough polite, mostly apolitical, non-vulgar, blogs. That's the only kind I can write. It may not be the most interesting blog but you'll never find something on this one that you won't be able to quote in mixed company. It's what I write and it's what I like to read.

4. I've met some interesting people virtually, and have recently met some of those interesting people in person. If you read about my recent trip then you know what I'm talking about. In every case, I felt like I was almost instantly able to connect with the other bloggers I met. These aren't all the same kind of people either, in fact, my views and the views of a couple of these others are miles apart, especially in terms of theology and politics. This didn't seem to matter to them and it certainly made no difference to me.

After I visited Midland, TX and saw three other bloggers at one time (my head is still spinning), one of them, Jimmy Patterson, wrote...

"But when people like Jim come through town and you have lunch and talk like you've been friends your whole life, there is a certain shrinking of the global community occurring. If technology helps us build new friendships and introduces us to good and decent people... there's good in this whole technology thing."
I offered a strong Amen to that.

5. Because I'm still repenting for thinking that blogs were stupid and juvenile. They don't have to be and one day maybe mine won't be either.

6. Why not?

That's what I can think of for now. Anyone else care to share with the rest of the class?

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