whoa! where am i: home

Well, the bags are unpacked, a load of clothes is in the wash, the Beige Bull is safely back in his stall and I am already trying to capture my thoughts for the book, as you can see.

It is good to be home, though a little bit strange I must admit: strange not to be checking in to a room right now, strange not to be putting together a list of free hotspots for tomorrow, strange to be thinking about delivering the mail again. It wasn't strange at all though, getting a hug and a big smooch from my wife and from my kids. Delightful, yes, but not strange.

I'd like to say thank you again...

to Gwynne who had a major impact on my trip with her suggestion of the Grand Canyon,

to Cowtown Pattie and her beau who were so much fun to hang out with and whose house is such an amazing home,

to Eric and His Lovely Bride who took time out of their busy lives to open their home to someone they've never met and who certainly must be two of the most gracious people on God's earth.

to Jimmy Patterson who gave me some road music and much else besides and who is just a terrific and humble man,

to Jeff McDonald who wrote such a flattering post today (the feeling is mutual, my friend) and who gave me that delicious Pecan Toffee (dude, that stuff rocks!),

to A. C. Mattern who gave me food for the body and the soul.

to Kate who just radiates sunshine all the time,

to Brian and Jenn who have an amazing ability to launch a friendship with weird strangers from Pennsylvania,

to Ashley and Carrie who hung out with me last night. Gosh, I love you guys... well, you're not guys but... oh, you know what I mean.

to Sam and Stefanie who let me crash at their place last night and woke themselves up early only a few hours later to see me off.

and also to Ashley W. and her mother who I just happened to run into at the restaurant in Westlake, Ohio and who insisted on having me join them and then wouldn't let me pay for my dinner. You'll probably never see this post, but what a blessing you always have been to me, and still are.

I'm home and I'm gonna be staying here for some time now. But even though I just spent the last two weeks on it, that road still beckons.

At the Sideling Hill rest area in the Pennsylvania Appalachians, looking west of course.

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