oh look, a baby squirrel... run!!!

Mountain View, CA is having a bad squirrel problem. The furry little creatures are attacking. This sounds silly, but not if you're little Andrew, who will never go into a park with trees again.

"It was such a horror," his mother, Jennifer, said of the attack, which left her boy with a trail of red claw marks, a bite on his upper arm -- and a regimen of painful rabies shots"

Ouch! None for me thanks. So Mountain View's gonna come out shootin'! Well, okay, not shooting...

"Over the next three weeks, the city will set tube-like traps in the trees of Cuesta Park and euthanize captured squirrels "in a humane way," said David Muela, Mountain View's community services director."

That quote comes from the local CBS affiliate's story (which features video! Nice).

This situation is not doing much for America's image abroad. German based Short News is running with the headline Rogue Squirrels Jumping Into Strollers, Attacking Picnickers, and says,

"A series of ferocious squirrel attacks has residents of a California neighborhood on edge, with some wondering how to curb their recent aggressiveness. Picnickers are being bitten mercilessly; some of the animals are even jumping into baby strollers."

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