whoa! where am i: two of columbus' finest

I actually hung out with three of Columbus' finest today, but I forgot to take a picture with A. C. Mattern who writes Agape's Stable. He cooked up some awesome sish-kabob.

Meet Brian of Beanquest and Jenn of Jennifer's Nest

This winsome couple of the drastically differing heights is letting me crash at their pad, er, um, nest tonight.

Synchronized blogging. You know what they say, the family that blogs together... well, I can't think of a good rhyme. Anyway, the three of us immediately got to work blogging when I stopped by. We began by checking out one of our favorite blogs. Can you tell which it was?

We were going to do much more but those posts about baby squirrels left us plum tuckered out, so it's time to turn in. Brian's redoing his basement and after digging out that coaster from underneath a huge pile of discarded old stuff, we found there was more than enough room for me to sleep down there.

Seriously, thanks Brian and Jenn for a wonderful visit.

These are some great folks they got here in Columbus. If you're real good, you might even meet one more!

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