whoa! where am i: day 1

For years I’ve nursed an inexplicable yearning toward the west.

Maybe it started back in high school. I had a girlfriend who lived a short walk from a bridge across the turnpike. We took a lot of walks. I remember standing on that bridge many times, gazing down at the cars heading off into the… well, actually it was north because this was the New Jersey turnpike, and so of course there was no sunset to head into. Work with me here. I thought “west.”

So I’ve dreamed about doing something like what I’m doing now for a long, long time.

Fittingly, I started my adventure by heading north and not west. Here are couple of pictures from my first stop on the tour. See if you can guess where I took them and at what event.

You already have one hint: this place is north of Pottstown. Here’s a second: It’s not the first time I’ve been there and it’s not the first time I’ve blogged about it either.

In a comment on a previous post, Eric wrote, “see you down the road.” I think that’s a nice way to close my travel blog posts, so…

See you down the road.

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