whoa where am i: midland memories

Eric and HLB took me out to dinner and I experienced asado for the first, and certainly not the last, time. HLB had to leave to back to work and after she left, I said "she's great" because HLB is a wonderful person. Eric replied, "Yeah. I definitely married way above my class," or something like that.

Now, this is somewhat true. But not completely. His wife is cooler, for sure, but not by much. Eric is one class act. Humble, gracious, and funny too. It was a pleasure meeting the man behind the Ant.

Plus, as if that weren't enough. I got to meet Jeff of Archeotexture too, and of course, Jimmy Patterson of Sticky Doorknobs who was the impetus behind my devotional blog earlier this year. As you saw from the previous post, we all had lunch together (the food, though not pictured, was terrific--good pick Jimmy).

But wait, there's more! As if that weren't enough, my visit made the paper. It was in 9 point type at the bottom of page one, but it was there. Cool, huh?

But all of that aside, here's the real reason I made the 2000+ mile trip to Midland:

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