whoa! where am i: day 8-- That Was So Yesterday

"Today's day 9, why are you still stuck in yesterday?" you ask.

Because there's this one more thing I wanted you to know, sort of as a warning.

Heading west out of Flagstaff yesterday toward Winslow, AZ (where you can get your picture taken with a girl in flatbed Ford; I didn't) I came across a sign that said "Meteor Crater." I'd forgotten all about the meteor crater! I remember seeing pictures of it in an Astronomy book I used to page through when I was a kid. It was a graduate level astronomy book, which I still wouldn't understand and would probably still only look at for the pictures.

The signs had a tourist trappy tone to them, and there were about 500 of them, give or take, so that was another clue. Yet, at the last minute I cut off the 18 wheeler I was passing a made for the exit. Driving down Meteor Crater Road I noted how well maintained it was. This should have been another clue.

So I get to the Meteor Crater visitor center and R/V park and get out hoping to take one quick picture and then be gone. But, see, there's no way to get up to the crater. There's a fence around it; one of those fences you see lining federal prisons, with the razor wire on top. You think I'm jokind don't you. So I would have to go through the visitor center to see the thing. I approached the window where a sign said "Ticket Sales." and below that "Adults $15"

So, here's a picture from Google Earth instead:

Driving away at a high rate of speed, I repeated the DJ's voice over from the Winslow promotional station, AM 610: "METEOR CRATER! Experience the impact." Go ahead, try saying that in a really intense voice. Eventually I began making up my own slogans...

"METEOR CRATER! Experience the impact on your wallet."
"METEOR CRATER! The biggest friggin' rip off in the United friggin' States!"
"METEOR CRATER! We'll take your money and use it to maintain our nice road!"
"METEOR CRATER! Less fun than you'll have all week, for more money!"

& c...

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