blogroll blather

I've added a new blog, by Eric St. Clair, to the blogroll. I don't know Eric and he doesn't know me, I'm not even sure he knows I read his blog. I hope that this addition does not lead to Ericonfusion for some of you, all the more so since both are 'Eric S'. Perhaps I will have to refer to this Eric as Fire Eric and the new Eric as St. Eric. No, that's not really appropriate.

I like Eric's blog, though I've forgotten how I found it, and he seems (in his writing) to be a nice guy. You have to give the guy credit, he did due diligence in his efforts to aid in Katrina relief. He's posted a mesmerizing shot of the Gateway Arch, too.

Give him a read and maybe a link too. Maybe you'll get the Eric seal of approval! (No, not that Eric, this Eric).

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