stuff like this doesn't happen every day

Bob is a church member, he serves as an usher once a month. His wife Beth is 42 and their only daughter Alison is 18.

At dinner last night, as Beth tells it, she wasn't feeling good so she didn't eat anything. She woke up in the middle of the night with sharp abdominal pains. Bob thought it might have been a bowel obstruction, something he had to deal with a few years ago. The pain had doubled him over. Soon Beth was doubled over too, her pain steadily worsening. She did manage to make it to the bathroom but once seated there could not get back up despite repeated attempts, it simply hurt too bad.

Alison called 911. The astute EMT's told her to tell her father to get Beth onto the floor. That was when they saw the head. Beth was about to be a mother. Bob delivered the baby onto a towel on the bathroom floor and was holding his new daughter when the EMT's walked up the steps. "She's here," he told them.

Beth had no idea she was pregnant; thought, in fact, that she was going through 'the change.' "I guess not," said Bob at the hospital this morning where everyone is doing fine. Alison's little (4lbs, 11oz) sister may or may not get the name "Natalie," but we can call her that for now. God's knows her quite well already, regardless of the name.

I've heard stories before about women giving birth having not known they were pregnant; never believed a single one of them. Neither did Beth, until today.

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