maybe the coolest thing I've ever heard

Do you have an RV? Wanna be a genuine good person?

Then you need to go here and check out how you can help out hurricane victims. I know most of you readers are not in or near Texas. But if people in Washington state can offer to open up their homes, then people anywhere in the US of A can lend their RV's. Right? I thought you'd agree.

If you want you can link directly to Scott Chaffin's business website and find the information you need. Click to Buck's on the Brazos.

Heck, if you really wanna do this and you live in the eastern half of the country, I might even be willing to help you drive (I've never driven an RV but so what, Jabbor Gibson never drove a bus and he did okay.)

H/T to both Eric and Cowtown Pattie for the "hookup." Get it? Hookup? I just kill myself sometimes.

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