There are two sides to every argument. Relief for hurricane ravaged areas has certainly become the argument du jour.

Here's one side. I think the reality may be slightly more nuanced than this commentary from NPR allows, but no matter how you slice it, there is an awful lot being done and effectively so. We've seen a bit of the worst, now perhaps "the better angels of our nature," will come into view.

A friend of mine told me not to hold my breath the other day (he was referring to the finger-pointing, argument mongering), and I'm not. But I won't stop hoping.

Perhaps you are contemplating what you can do to aid in accomplishing the huge task that is before us as a nation (I'm just talking about relief work, there are other huge tasks but we'll get to those). If you are, let me suggest one option. UMCOR is the United Methodist Committee On Relief.

UMCOR's Hurricane Katrina FAQ has answers for those who want to help and who need help.

Make a donation via UMCOR. 100% of your money will go directly to hurricane relief. 100%.

Maybe you'd like to make health kits or flood buckets.

These links and tons more are available at UMCOR's website. You don't have to belong to a Methodist church, or any church to get involved.

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