Slimbolala's David has posted two items in the last day or so that speak poignantly about the experience of Katrina evacuees. In the first, he writes about the need to accept his family's new hurricane evacuee circumstances and settle on reestablishing some sort of pattern, any pattern for their life. He writes:

For the past two days we've been in a state of constant "decision thrash", making choices, reversing them, revising them, and reverting back to our original choices - over, and over, and over. When you have no information to base your decisions on, there are no good decisions. When you have no information, each new little scrap of information radically reshapes your decision-making landscape. Choices which made sense an hour earlier are suddenly untenable.
After making some decisions, they went to the Red Cross and found themselves in among lots of other New Orleanians. "It felt good," he says.

No doubt. Ersatz neighbor-hood is better than none at all.

I'm enjoying lurking around Slimbolala. You may want to give it a read yourself if you haven't already.

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