follow up

As a follow up to yesterday's post I offer a commentary by Leon Wynter from NPR.

"Last Sunday's official evacuation looked like nothing more than the start of a very long weekend; people with available credit, mostly white, stuck in traffic."

Draw your own conclusions.

I read a comment on someone else's blog today that suggested we wouldn't be seeing the sad stuff we're seeing in New Orleans if this catastrophe had happened in say, Salt Lake City. Sure we wouldn't. The blindness is astounding.

"If she were not poor and black, this would not be happening to her."

If ever you find yourself refusing (stubbornly refusing) to believe that there is systemic evil in our country that's just as deep as in every other, take a look at what we've seen in America this week and juxtapose it with what we've seen in Somalia, Israel, Afghanistan... How far can your denial muscles be stretched?

Am I bugging you? Don't mean to bug ya.

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