it's ten years later and still i haven't a clue

Zalm memes, I respond...

10 Years Ago:

I was two years into a ten year gig as a student minister; still in the process of losing my illusions about what it’s like to work in a church. My first daughter was sneaking up on a year old and my second daughter was being knit together in the secret place. We took 27 kids and 4 rented 15 passenger vans to South Dakota to work on the Pine Ridge Reservation. I watch the videos now and still can’t believe we did it. I was thirty years old.

5 Years Ago:

Still happy in my youth director job. Joy and I celebrated our tenth anniversary. Kristin started school this year.

1 Year Ago:

A year ago I thought blogging was stupid.


…was Wednesday. I thought about what my next career might be, which is about all I do nowadays.

5 Snacks I Enjoy:

Pretzels, all kinds but especially these. Nacho Cheese Doritos. Doritos. Garlic toast drizzled with olive oil accompanied by a glass of white wine. A good microbrew. Cheez-Its.

5 Songs I Know All the Words To:

“You Can Call Me Al” by Paul Simon; “Heavy” by Collective Soul; “Missing Love,” by PFR; “Shouts of Joy,” by Phil Keaggy, “The Ballad of John and Yoko,” by the Beatles.

5 Things I’d Do with 100 Million Dollars:

Give 98 million away, get an MFA and retire to write every day.

5 Places I’d Run Away To:

Long Beach Island, NJ. Somewhere near Yellowstone. San Francisco. Somewhere near Rocky Mountain National Park. An undisclosed location.

5 Things I’d Never Wear:

Anything with a logo. Women’s clothing. A speedo. Spandex. Any kind of gold chain anywhere on my body.

5 Favorite TV Shows:

You’re kidding right?

5 Biggest Joys:

Seeing Jesus when it’s all done. Being there with someone when they fall in love with Jesus. Traveling long distances by car, alone (yes, I know it’s weird. So?). Seeing Phil Keaggy play guitar in person. Helping a congregation that loves to worship do what they love.

5 Favorite Toys:

This laptop I’m typing on. My guitar. My other guitar. Words. Any Myst game.

5 Fine Folks Who Can Now Consider Themselves Tagged:

Will. Stephen. Eric. Cowtown. Educat.

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