20 year old teen not so good driver, oh, and another blogger outage

So apparently 20 year olds are now classified as teens. And looks like this particular 20 year old teen didn't do so hot on her driving test. "Oopsie, I just crashed into the license bureau lobby."

(It was) like a big boom; the building shook a little bit," Stover said. "My reaction was 'Oh my God!'

Williams said everyone was so stunned by the crash that they neglected to call 911.

"Everybody was on their cell phones, but nobody called 911. I came back in and called 911," Williams said.

Is it of any Loony Toons-ish significance that her Taurus was maroon?

And, of course, blogger will be down at 2pm PDT again today. Whoopee! Did anyone notice that blogger was out of commission for about an hour or so last night, in addition to yesterday's scheduled 2pm PDT outage. Ah, blooggler.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Rush Limbaugh's Idiot Hour, already in progress.

H/T: Obscure Store.

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