everything is new, just in time for a blogger outage

Of course it worked out like this. My car was supposed to be finished yesterday, I have a ton of freelance stuff to tackle (a good problem, but still a problem at this point), I took my wife to work because of the car issue and ran back to the house to wait for a package. So obviously the post office had to call... at 9:20 am.

Fortunately for me, they only wanted me to deliver the short route and they had an LLV for me; in other words, they made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Just as I was on my way out the door, there was a knock. He's my competition, but I was glad to see this UPS guy.

Once I got done with the mail and picked up my wife from work and picked up the car and paid $60 more dollars for it than I was supposed to, I began the big migration. It is now finished. Yay!

This new notebook is pretty nice. Very fast, sleek looking, and the screen is a staggering achievement. I'm sure you technoids know all about these things, and probably have a name for them as well, but this screen combines the thin sleekness of a flat screen with the clarity and sharpness of a good CRT.

My daughters are happy campers now as well. They've already started to make my old notebook their own.

Oh, and did I mention the Centrino dual core? And courtesy of Mozilla, Firefox 2.0. Life is good.

So now I have to find a way to stop playing with it! Blogger is all about helping me with that; they have an outage scheduled for 2pm PDT today.

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