so, what does this mean?

The current issue of "The Carrier" (the magazine of the National Rural Letter Carriers' Association) recently arrived at my house. At the back of every issue is a section listing RHD (right hand drive) vehicles for sale by owners around the country.

I note this fact because you probably didn't know that such a magazine existed, or that there were such listings at the back of it. And up until today, these listings occupied approximately the same mental space for me as they did for you.

But today, I perused those listings. After a couple of minutes, I found myself musing over what kind of process I might go through to purchase such a vehicle from someone in, say, Ohio, or perhaps Connecticut. Not only that, but I even went so far as to check out one local company's explanation of their conversion vehicles, though I shortly dismissed this option after seeing the price.

When I realized that lingering over the "RHD for sale" listings could only mean one thing--that I'm at least semi-consciously thinking I will be in this gig for the long haul--I put down the Carrier and quickly picked up the Dell catalog to consider the Inspiron E1505 on the cover, sort of as a chaser.

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